SpamExperts FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Upgrading Your Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam Solution to SpamExperts

Q: What is SpamExperts?

A: SpamExperts is a leading email security provider with services for incoming and outgoing spam and virus filtering capabilities. You can learn more at

Q: Why are you upgrading my Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam (AVAS) solution?

A: Due to a recent announcement by one of our vendors to end of life their AVAS solution, we decided to research other vendors and consolidate all of our email clients onto a single vendor in order to provide a more consistent email experience. We chose SpamExperts because of their excellent reputation, user-friendly interface, and advanced filtering capabilities.

Q: Do I have to move to the new provider?

A: Because we will be making changes in our backend that will affect the entire email platform, all services will move to the new SpamExperts platform.

Q: Will I have to make any changes?

A: Only a small sample of our customers will need to make changes to their account in order for the upgrade to occur. If you are one of these customers, you will receive an email with instructions.

Q: Will my current AVAS settings transfer over?

A: Your current settings will not transfer to the new system. This is because SpamExperts offers more advanced filtering than the settings offered by your previous solution. Transferring those settings would actually make SpamExperts less effective.

Q: When will this upgrade occur?

A: We are planning to complete the upgrade in early December 2016.

Q: How will I learn to use SpamExperts?

A: Scroll to the bottom of this page for how-to articles to help you manage your new user interface.

Q: How do I access my SpamExperts portal?

A: If you are a mailbox admin then you will be able to single sign-on to your SpamExperts portal directly through your SiteControl. If you are an end user then visit and use the “Retreive log-in link” button to reset your account and access the portal.

SpamExperts User Manuals and How-To Documentation

Incoming Email Filtering
SpamExperts Control Panel Email User Level
SpamExperts Control Panel Domain Level

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