August 20, 2013

The Three Phases of Football and IT Security


Hostway Team

There are three phases of football – offense, defense and special teams. All three are important, and a lack of focus on any one phase will hurt a team's ability to win. With football season right around the corner, NFL franchises are working hard to build winning teams by taking a balanced approach and giving appropriate attention and investment to all three phases.

There are also three phases of IT security – prevention, detection, and response. Just as NFL teams need to be strong in all three phases of football to win games, IT departments need to be strong in all three phases of IT security to effectively protect their organization from evolving security threats.

Unfortunately, many companies focus too much attention on prevention and underinvest in detection and response capabilities. In fact, we estimate that roughly 85% of security dollars are spent on prevention capabilities. Very little goes to detection capabilities and an even smaller amount is spent on response capabilities. As a result, companies often find themselves unprepared when an attack bypasses traditional prevention technologies such as firewall and antivirus.

Football strategyA Managed UTM solution like those offered by Hostway ensures that you have all three phases of IT security covered.

Prevention – Managed Firewall, IDS/IPS, VPN Remote User Access, Web Content Filtering, and Web Application Firewall come packaged together. This multi-layered approach provides comprehensive protection and ensures that you have the prevention phase covered.

Detection – Security experts monitor your network 24x7 for suspicious activity. By utilizing Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology and conducting advanced traffic analysis, sophisticated attacks that bypass traditional prevention solutions can be detected.

Response – When suspicious activity is detected, the security experts respond immediately to handle the issue. Quick and thorough response to security incidents minimizes damages and reduces business disruptions.

This solution would ensure you have all three phases of IT security covered. Best of all, with all three phases working together and security experts watching your back, your IT team can focus on core business activities without worrying about security.

Learn more about Hostway’s Managed UTM solutions at this site.

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