January 29, 2010

Top 10 Web Design Trends for 2010


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By Michaela Langstone

At the start of 2010, there are some clear-cut trends in Web design to consider. The fashionable Web sites of the year verge on the very creative and funky. While it is difficult to predict which one is going to be the biggest this year, here are the top 10 Web design trends to watch for and implement in 2010:

1. Streamlined and uncluttered Web sites – your business Web site is a potent communication tool online. When there are too many messages on one page, your customers may be led astray. For this reason, many businesses are set to de-clutter and streamline their Web sites to increase the effectiveness of their message.

2. Minimalist, white space – Continuing on the streamlined and uncluttered theme, Web sites with reserved use of color are becoming popular as they are easier to navigate. The ideal layout is CSS and grid-based. Think less is more and the power of simplicity.

3. Big fonts – Larger headlines and banners with bold, capital letters stand out when a visitor views a page and focus their attention. Large headings are also easier on the eye as some viewers may be browsing the Internet from their mobile phones.

4. Large images – Using a large imposing image for the background of a Web page combined with eye-catching typography can really grab the viewer.

5. Sketch and hand drawn designs – Regardless of your drawing skills, using a stylized hand drawing can really add a personal touch to your Web site, inviting a sense of playfulness and wonder in your visitor.

6. Textures – The use of texture such as wood, fabric, stone and metal can add dimension and depth to your Web site. They are particularly useful when you want to draw specific emphasis on a certain aspect of your Web page. They have power to surprise your viewer and can give a professional yet down-to-earth feel.

7. Retro themes – A lot of graphics in Web sites now are reminiscent of past times, especially 1980s style. This gives the viewer a sense of nostalgia and can invoke good memories, making them more attracted to your Web site.

8. Print advertising – Web sites tend to reflect the same style of lay out as found in the printed press. This would make your Web site more tangible to the visitor.

9. Crowd sourced design – Due to the credit crisis, many companies are buying into crowd sourced designs. While it is a means of saving money, the personality of a small business can be lost so these must be used with discretion.

10. Collage style – A popular type of texture design which can bring personality to any Web site. The collage is popular since it can portray the creative side of your business.

...In with the new!

About the Author

Michaela Langstone is a University of London business management graduate, a small-business owner, entrepreneur and writer. She works as a freelance writer for business professionals and has extensive experience of building as well as managing successful Web sites.

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