May 13, 2009

Types of Web Hosting


Hostway Team

Take a tour of your Web hosting plan options. You'll discover the difference between dedicated and shared hosting and find out which type of hosting plan fits your online needs.

Shared Servers

Simplicity is the keyword for shared servers. Simple Web sites run well on shared server plans, and the Web site owner doesn't have to worry about server maintenance.


ColdFusion lets you develop Web sites with powerful features and advanced animations. Use it on your Web site by finding a Web hosting plan that supports ColdFusion.

Dedicated Servers

As your company grows, so do your Web site needs. When you’ve outgrown your shared hosting plan, you need to upgrade to a dedicated server plan.


You have the knowledge and skills to manage your own server, but you don’t have the resources to create and maintain a secure data center. Colocation plans give you access to your server in a fully equipped data center.


If you want to sell your products and services online, you'll need an ecommerce Web hosting plan. Ecommerce plans are just like regular Web hosting plans, but they include a shopping cart and a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate that allows you to accept secure, online payments.

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