November 10, 2009

Use Press Releases to Drive Traffic to Your Site


Hostway Team

By Hostway

How can you turn new innovations, grand openings, volunteer work and charitable contributions into links to your Web site? Writing press releases with embedded links and distributing them across the newswires can give you a number of high-quality links to help your search engine ranking.

Pen Your Press Release

All you need to get started is some news. Once you know what you want to announce, determine which keywords you want to focus on, and start writing your press release using your keywords. Then embed links to appropriate pages of your Web site using those keywords. Those links will help your search engine ranking for your keywords.


For the search engines to find your press release, you'll need to post it in one or more Web sites. Here are some services that can help you do that:

You may have to pay for some of these services. But not only do they give you a quality link from their Web site, there's a chance news organizations will pick up your press release and post it on their Web site as well.

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