August 19, 2016

Web Application Hosting- Run Your App Where It Runs Best


Hostway Team

Not all cloud hosting environments are created equal. In fact, there are plenty of factors to consider before choosing an environment to host your web application. Depending on the nature of your web app, your specific solution may need to be optimized for security or adherence to certain compliance requirements. Or, maybe you need a highly scalable environment that will allow for rapid provisioning of resources with fluctuating workloads. The takeaway is that every web app will run best in an environment designed around the unique characteristics of the app.

How Can Hostway's Web App Hosting Environment Help?

To that end, Hostway’s Hybrid Cloud – powered by Microsoft Azure, can deliver optimized environments for nearly any web app. Hybrid Cloud combines rapid scalability, control and reliability to bring you unparalleled freedom in designing and maintaining your web app’s environment. Hostway’s Hybrid Cloud allows you to run your web apps where they run best: Virtual Private Cloud or Microsoft Azure Public Cloud all working together in an Azure-consistent environment.
When it comes to any business service, let’s face it- It's all support. How do we handle the need for managed support? Hostway brings in Microsoft Azure experts familiar with a broad array of web applications to provide 24/7/365 managed support services, so you can leave the infrastructure to us, while you focus on running your business and building great apps!
If you are searching for the perfect home to host your website application, let us show you how a Hostway Hybrid Cloud powered by Microsoft Azure can be the customizable environment to run your app.  See how businesses like Robert Stephen Consulting, LLC harnessed the power of Hostway’s Virtual Private Cloud to power their web app with astonishing results.

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