May 14, 2009

Web Directories


Hostway Team

Submitting your Web site to Web directories can positively impact your number of visitors and your rank in search engine results. A Web directory is a database that categorizes Web pages and links to them. Directories are reviewed by editors (instead of Web crawlers), and you must submit your Web site to each directory in order to be included.

Web directories look like a search engine to the end-user. The user types in a keyword, and the directory returns a list of related links. Because Web sites in the directory are reviewed by humans, directories tend to produce a shorter list of higher-quality links than search engines.

Some directories charge a fee for inclusion while others are free. Almost every major search engine has a Web directory. Web directories can help increase your search engine rank because they point a valuable link to your Web site, and most search engines rank your Web site based on the number of quality links pointing to your Web site.

Here are some of the most popular directories on the Web:

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