June 5, 2014

Webinar: Why SoMoLo is Critical for Your Business


Hostway Team

somoloSo you've heard all the hype surrounding SoMoLo: Social, Mobile and Local marketing. But you still don't get what the big deal is, and how it could possibly apply to what your business needs to accomplish to thrive.

Truth is, five years past the launch of Foursquare, we're firmly in the SoMoLo era, and those unwilling to adapt risk being left behind.

If you're ready to learn, check out our free webinar, Why SoMoLo is Critical for Your Business, on June 19. Hostway Senior Online Marketing Manager Alison Brehme will give you a firm grasp on what exactly comprises SoMoLo, explain what's propelled the trend forward, and give you tips on how to capitalize on this phenomenon.

We’ll discuss how increasing smartphone usage for multiple purposes demands your attention, why social media can't be ignored as a medium for customer contact, and how local businesses are finding new clients thanks to mobile technology. You will also receive an exclusive promotional offer to help kick off your SoMoLo strategy.

During the webinar, TweetChat with other participants about the ideas and concepts being discussed via hashtag #somolo.

If you're an entrepreneur, you know that keeping up with the times is an essential part to staying in business. Learn what's becoming expected of you by a new breed of buyers, and see how you can make these changes work to your advantage.

Register Here for our webinar, coming up at 1 p.m. CT on June 19.

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