May 14, 2009

What Is a .Mobi Web Site?


Hostway Team

A .mobi Web site is just a regular Web site accessible from Internet browsers on any device, including desktop computers. But, in order to register a .mobi domain name, a site must meet specific requirements that make it easy to view and use from mobile devices such as smart phones and personal digital assistants.

mTLD, the domain registrar for .mobi, issues and enforces the .mobi rules. The two lists below contain some of the rules that govern these mobile Web sites.

A .Mobi Web Site:

  • Automatically senses device type and responds with an appropriate page
  • Allows the viewer to reach the site without typing “www” in the URL
  • Allows the user to choose how to interact by linking to the full site
  • Keeps navigation consistent
  • Includes access keys for frequently used functionality
  • Clearly identifies the target and file format of each link
  • Minimizes external links
  • Displays the most relevant information at the top of the page
  • Organizes documents so they may be read without style sheets
  • Keeps the number of keystrokes to a minimum
  • Provides preselected default values where possible
  • Specifies a default text entry mode, language and/or input format

A .Mobi Web Site Does Not:

  • Use frames
  • Rely on cookies
  • Rely on support for font-related styling
  • Use nested tables
  • Rely on embedded objects for script
  • Use markup to redirect pages automatically
  • Use pop-ups or change the current window without informing the user
  • Automatically refresh pages without offering a way to stop it

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