July 19, 2013

WordPress: Spread Your Ideas


Hostway Team


WordPress is a popular open-source blogging tool and content-management system that offers thousands of free customizable templates, plugins and add-ons. The software and all of its associated peripherals are free – what’s not to like?

There are a number of web hosting companies that meet the minimum requirements for hosting WordPress; your choice should be based on finding someone you can trust. Hostway offers two compatible web hosting plans: FlexCloud Site and FlexCloud Site Pro. Sign up for either, and get your WordPress blog up and running.

Once your plan’s set up, download and install WordPress. Our EasyScript WordPress Installer makes it simple to deploy your blog or site. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can be up and running in no time, your unique WordPress home accented with themes, templates and add-ons available through WordPress and other 3rd party sites.

Need help? We can walk you through WordPress set up. Once you’re online, your best resource is the online community dedicated to WordPress; a great deal of help is available on plugins, add-ons, layout, functionality, and more.

WordPress is web-based, managed from any browser on any computer without any special interface. Just log in and start managing your site. It’s all point-and-click – no HTML editing required, no FTP software, no complicated web-design program.

Eager to draw visitors? The code behind WordPress is designed for search engines to “read” it and easily rank your site, and further search engine optimization (SEO) is easy: Titles, images, and posts can all be optimized using keywords and tags.

WordPress is free, intuitive, and search-engine friendly, and is only becoming more popular. Is it worth all the hype? Is it really that easy? Know any best kept secret add-ons or plug-ins? Tell us about your WordPress experiences in the comments below.

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