May 14, 2009

Write a Search Engine Ad


Hostway Team

Search engine ads are short. You'll need to choose your words carefully in order to make each one work toward your advertising goals. Consider how you can motivate readers to act. Will you appeal to their fears, happiness, insecurities or sense of humor? Knowing the effect you hope to produce will help you choose the right words.

Position Yourself

Don't waste precious space on features that all of your competitors include. Make your ad stand out by positioning your product in relation to your competitors. Remember that your ad is going to run next to several others all vying for the same prospects. Show readers why you're the best choice.

Ask for the Sale

An effective ad stirs readers to action. Whether you're asking them to buy now, get more information or sign up for a newsletter, make sure you directly ask them to do it. You'll increase your success and help readers figure out what to do with the information you're giving them.

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