May 14, 2009

Yahoo! Directory


Hostway Team

The Yahoo! Directory is an index of Web sites by topic. Users can search the directory for Web sites that have been prescreened by human editors and found to be of value for that particular topic. A listing in the Yahoo! Directory can drive traffic to your Web site.

Paid Inclusion

Yahoo! charges Web site owners a fee for having editors evaluate the Web site for inclusion. It is almost always worth the cost if your Web site is accepted. Once accepted, Yahoo! charges you an annual fee to maintain the listing.

Your review money is not returned if the editors do not accept your site. Click here for more information on the fee structure. To increase your chances of acceptance, make sure that no part of site is under construction, your links work and you offer valuable content.

A Quality Link

Most search engines include the number and value of incoming links in their ranking algorithms. A link from the Yahoo! Directory is a valuable link as it shows that a human editor has reviewed the Web site and found it to be of legitimate value for a given topic.

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