YouTube: Is it Worth My Time?

Hostway Tech Team - February 04, 2010

By Lynn Jordan

Some business owners think of YouTube as a place where people put up ridiculous videos of their kids and pets. Even Internet savvy business owners may wonder if YouTube is worth your time. The answer is a resounding YES. It doesn’t matter if your business is on line or off line. You will still benefit.

Video adds personality to you and your business. You are able to relate to your customers and prospects on a personal level.

People are accustomed to watching television. Therefore, for most, video is a preferred way of consuming information. These days, people would rather watch video than read. For most, video is quicker to consume.

YouTube has the vast majority of the video market. Its audience is engaged and stays in the site longer watching related videos.

The Second Search Engine

YouTube has become the second most popular search engine. Only Google (who now owns You Tube) ranks higher. According to, YouTube surpassed Yahoo in August of 2008. People visit YouTube looking for information and answers to their questions and problems.

Now when someone uses Google to search, thumbnail pictures of video show up. These pictures are clicked on more often than text results.

Reach the Mobile, Social Communities

Now videos are accessible by mobile devices including smart phones and video game devices. Get in front of your audience wherever they are and however they want to view videos.

YouTube is also a social networking community. Viewers can leave comments and rate videos. You can respond to the comments and build a relationship with your viewers. You target your ideal clients and bond with them.

After your video plays, links to related videos appear. If you use a unique tag for your videos, you can ensure that your other videos will appear as related. This will keep your audience engaged longer and deepen your relationship.

You Tube is a great way to gain new customers and bond with existing ones.

Is YouTube worth your time as a small business? Absolutely! YouTube is a must for any strategic marketing plan.

About the Author

After a long career as an Information Technology professional, Jordan left the corporate world to help individuals and small business use the Internet and technology to increase their business by building relationships with their prospects and customers.

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