July 1, 2014

10 Points to Remember from Our “Social. Mobile. Local.” Webinar


Hostway Team

somolo2If you missed our recent webinar on the SoMoLo trend, or just need a recap of the principal points, here are our top 10 ways that SMBs can capitalize on this phenomenon and get started with Social, Mobile and Local marketing.

1. Make Social Media Sites Work for You: Construct your social profile, decide what sites you should dedicate energy to based on ROI, and set about capturing new followers.

2. Learn about Your Followers: Site analytics can tell you a lot, but so can simple interaction with the folks who “like” or “follow” your company’s social media profiles. What brought them there? Why did they stay? What are they looking for?

3. Create a Consistent Dialogue for Ongoing Engagement: Use surveys, blogs and other tools at your disposal to get the conversation rolling. Don’t let the lulls last – keep visitors coming back, keep talking about what’s new, interesting or influential. Engage your visitors and get them engaging each other.

4. Make Word of Mouth Work for You: Creating a captivating social presence with interesting content and lively debate can only serve to attract more followers. Become a thought leader, a discussion initiator and a trend highlighter.

5. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly: Your website should be either easily viewed on mobile devices, or it should have a separate version for mobile devices with easy access to the main things that people on the go would be seeking: phone number, directions and e-commerce elements.

6. Free Wi-Fi at Brick and Mortar Locations: Keep up with the times and lure customers with Internet access. Several types of businesses build loyalty with those looking for a place to work during the day.

7. Get Your Business Listed: Make sure that search engines associate your business and website with your physical locations, so that you will be a search result when people try to find nearby businesses like yours.

8. Use Google Alerts: Monitor any online discussion of your business so that you can react when needed.

9. Leverage Coupon Websites: Deal sites provide extra marketing and extra cycles for your deals. They can also help expand your contacts list and find new followers.

10. Combine for Maximum Impact: Uniting the advantages of these tactics will enhance their positive influence on exposure and SEO value.

In summary: Social media is no longer optional. Ensure Your website is responsive and accessible locally, and that you’re always finding new ways to track trends and conversations. Building and maintaining customer relationships is as crucial now as it always has been; customers who feel connected become loyal brand advocates.

And finally, always be ready to adapt. Online marketing is constantly changing.

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