Linux Web Hosting

Hostway Tech Team - May 13, 2009

Linux Web hosting plans reside on a server equipped with the open source Linux operating system. Because Linux is an open source operating system, it is available to your Web host with few restrictions and no attached licensing fees. That’s why Linux hosting plans often cost less than Windows plans.

You do not need to run a Linux operating system on your PC to take complete advantage of all a Linux server has to offer. In fact, Linux PCs are relatively rare, usually owned by advanced users who enjoy the freedom of being able to modify and customize their computers. A Windows or Mac PC works best for most people. Fortunately, both of these popular PC operating systems are fully compatible with Linux Web hosting plans.

The Linux Operating System

Released in 1991 by a student at the University of Helsinki in Finland, the Linux operating system quickly made its way into the Web hosting mainstream. When used on Web servers, the operating system supports other popular open source applications such as:

Linux’s open source license requires that the system is distributed with its source code, meaning anyone can change the code to fix bugs, customize it or add functionality. Some people say this makes the operating system more reliable than a licensed operating system because the code is tested and fixed by a wider community of programmers.

Now that you know what Linux Web hosting is, it’s time to learn about Windows Web hosting so you can decide which operating system is right for your Web site.

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