June 11, 2015

5 Facts You Didn't Know About Application Hosting


Hostway Team

Today, we'll take a look at the lesser-known side of application hosting, including the benefits that aren't often mentioned, current market conditions and capabilities that help further a brand's success.Application hosting has been around for a number of years now, and many of its benefits are widely known. Current and prospective customers know that application hosting can save money and boost productivity. But, there are still a few facts and advantages that you might not know about.

Today, we will take a look at the lesser-known side of application hosting, including the benefits that are not often mentioned, current market conditions and capabilities that help further a brand's success.

There is very little risk with application hosting
Many companies considering application hosting are under the impression that once a contract is signed, that's it, they are locked in for the duration. While this may be the way a small percentage of vendors do business, many providers offer trial periods or pay-as-you-go plans, providing companies with more flexibility. This way, enterprises and their IT teams can test the waters to make sure that the style of application hosting they have chosen will be the best fit for their organization. No buyer's remorse here.

Application hosting allows for faster software deployment
Another advantage of application hosting is that this arrangement can enable speedy and streamlined deployment of new platforms through the cloud. When compared to rolling out new software in an on-premises environment, hosted applications win the race by a mile. A cloud-based, hosted app can be implemented and made accessible in a matter of minutes. An on-premises deployment could take hours or even days depending on the complexity of the company's IT environment. Especially in the case of a new critical app, speed of deployment is key.

Other solutions can be easily integrated
Hosted solutions are often viewed in a vacuum. However, this is not how they will exist within the enterprise. Siloed systems can cause considerable hurdles for users needing to access and leverage disparate technologies. Hosted applications, on the other hand, can easily be integrated with other solutions – even legacy systems leveraging an Internet browser can be linked. This offers a unified, integrated solution set for employees, making it easier to complete critical tasks and do their jobs.

Small businesses are increasingly looking to implement application hosting
Many smaller organizations may still believe that advanced technologies and emerging strategies were simply out of their reach. Now that solutions like application hosting have developed and become more popular, even SMBs are reaping the benefits. WorldCloudNews noted that the SMB industry is increasingly seeking out application hosting services, illustrating how this approach can be advantageous in nearly any setting.

Hostway is a leading provider of application hosting services
It is always important to have a knowledgeable, professional partner by your side, especially in the case of application hosting. Hostway is a leader in the application hosting space, differentiating itself through unmatched experience, reliability, customization and support. Hostway offers a range of options to ensure that every business's need is met, including those related to software-as-a-service, custom applications and legacy systems. Hostway prides itself on providing the right environment to suit any company's unique situation.

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