March 17, 2010

Best Web Sites for Creative Listings


Hostway Team

By Joanna Fletcher

Publicity is critical to building an online business, but building your Web site and waiting won't get you far in today's market. When you are a creative type, not usually given to sitting down and spending hours on the computer figuring out your best strategy, what do you do? Here are a few Web sites that can get you started on global domination in your area of expertise.

Free Sites

It may seem obvious, but don't overlook the power of a Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Twitter or any other free site that allows you to create pages dedicated to showcasing your talent. Similarly, put up your resume on Monster and Workopolis, with a link to your personal Web site and strong anti-spam protection for any email address you use.

The sheer number of people who check these sites daily makes them an ideal space to promote your business, and when you are just starting out, the price is right. Also there is no peer review or administrator review process to slow you down.

Creative Hotlist

This is a Web site specifically dedicated to creatives and those who want to employ them. Setting up a free account is easy, and although you will be duplicating much of the information on your personal site, the idea is to get more eyes on your work and send people to your own site.

Design Directory

Another free listing site that has a structured submission process. Worth the effort, if only to practice getting your uniqueness down to 255 characters.


Extremely comprehensive site for Web designers including tutorials, blogs, and listings. All sites are peer reviewed, so good quality Web sites with good information can rise to prominence quickly.

Paying for It For artists, this site is a great way to get international exposure, for a fee. Art Directors Club does the same for Web and graphic designers.

Go Local

Remember to use all of the local resources available — simply search on your specialization and area in any search engine. Local community organizations can be very helpful with referrals and increasing your visibility in meatspace only compliments your online activities.

About the Author

Joanna Fletcher is a netizen who has lived, worked, and played in virtual space for most of her life. Her entrepreneurial flair is topped only by her tolerance for failure.

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