Webinar – Online Growth Strategies for eCommerce

Building Online Growth Strategies for eCommerce In 2017

A lot goes into running your business online: site structure, analytics, payment gateways, hosting, marketing automation – the list goes on. But it’s crucial that you provide your customers with a seamless shopping and purchasing experience, regardless of the technology happening in the background. Hostway, Core dna, Fastly and Avalara bring together extensive knowledge in this area to teach you how you can achieve an outstanding omni-channel solution.

In this webinar, Hostway, Core dna, Fastly and Avalara review: the challenges of going global and how to overcome them, why mobile conversion is poor and how to increase conversion, how to implement personalized video, how chatbots will interact & why customers will love it, commerce unification – merging commerce & eCommerce, and how to select an eCommerce platform.

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