Case Study – ACH Federal


Customer: ACH Federal

Industry: Financial

Challenges: ACH Federal has started with three Managed servers with Hostway and expects to grow.

Solution: CRM Infrastructure

When ACH Federal needed a CRM solution, they decided hosting the software in the cloud would be the most cost-effective solution.

Business Outcome: Hostway provides top quality services that ACH Federal relies on to run its systems.

Partnering for Success

ACH Federal needed a CRM solution for its business and turned to FrontRange Solutions, the makers of the GoldMine CRM Software Solution. ACH Federal decided with its FrontRange Business Partner, Anton Systems, Inc. (, that hosting the software in the cloud was the best option for the company. Anton Systems recommended that Hostway do the hosting, and they provided the customization and database work for the project.

ACH Federal decided to outsource the hosting to conserve its cash as well as its IT resources. Additionally, it was the fastest way to get up and running. ACH Federal was attracted to Hostway because it is an industry leader withdata centers in 14 countries worldwide. While ACH Federal did its due diligence on Hostway, ensuring that it provides high-level security, world-class uptime, and excellent customer support, it also relied on its strategic relationship with Anton Systems and the trust which had been built between them.

ACH Federal has started with three managed servers with Hostway and expects to grow. Hostway’s systems are scalable, so the firm can easily add servers, racks, etc. without a problem. The set-up with Hostway provides ACH Federal with complete control over its systems without incurring the high cost of managing and maintaining them independently. Relying on Hostway’s industry experience and expertise, ACH Federal knows that Hostway can perform at its best by concentrating on its core business just as ACH Federal can do with its electronic payment processing services.

The Hostway Difference