Case Study – Technology On Call


Customer: Technology On Call

Industry: Reseller Partner

Solution: Migration


Before working with Hostway, Technology On Call had been utilizing platforms from the same provider since the mid-1990s. While these supported the company’s previous requirements for support and reliability, the legacy technology’s capabilities had declined in recent years. This presented numerous challenges, particularly for a provider offering such a wide range of services. In addition to assisting with troubleshooting, website development and software installation and updates, Technology On Call also offers hosting, network and server support and security options for its customers.

When it came time to upgrade to a more advanced solution, Berg had concerns about the provider’s ability to handle the migration. In addition, Technology On Call had experienced issues with the old vendor’s customer assistance in the past.

“Over the past years, [service] has deteriorated, and I have not been getting the same intellectual support,” Berg said.

Berg’s migration needs — in addition to goals related to expanding and improving the company’s service portfolio — prompted Berg to seek out a solution. He discovered Hostway while researching his available options, coming across several positive recommendations on industry forums.


Soon after, Technology On Call connected with Hostway to address its immediate migration needs. Hostway’s industry-leading customer support meant Berg was able to work with a dedicated migration specialist for the initiative, which helped ensure the company was on track for success at every step along the way.

“With the move over to Hostway, I have been able to consolidate all my solutions,” Berg said. “Consolidation is key especially since Hostway offers migration support, better products and better overall support.”

Berg also took advantage of Hostway’s Plesk and cPanel control panels to help maintain granular visibility into his accounts and servers. This was a particular boon when it came to web design projects.

Technology On Call also became involved in the Hostway Reseller Partner Program as a Silver Level Reseller Partner. Now, the company can offer its own customers access to top-tier Hostway services, including virtual private server plans that fit an array of different needs.


Berg and his business enjoyed numerous benefits after partnering with Hostway, especially when it came to the company’s migration needs. In addition to having a dedicated specialist to work with directly, the migration was streamlined and effective.

Berg noted that he hesitated to trust his older provider with the migration because he feared the company wouldn’t be able to handle the process. Compounding this issue was the fact that Technology on Call used a proprietary platform unique to the old provider, creating considerable obstacles for migration. However, the more he worked with Hostway, the more confident he became in the standard platform solutions he uses and the support he receives.

“Hostway does the hard work for the migration,” Berg said. “I’m in it with both feet and expanding and moving everything to Hostway.”

Berg also noticed several improvements over his previous solution. Not only was the migration assistance tremendously valuable, but it also fit within the company’s budget. Berg’s backend and management capabilities were also considerably improved with the use of Plesk and cPanel.

“Transferring domain registrations to Hostway is a breeze,” Berg said. “Hostway maintains their own registrar service rather than being spread across various registrars. The savings is about $2 per domain per year compared to the newly announced price increases at [the former provider]. All in all, I’m paying less for domain registrations and less for servers, with the added ability to consolidate my hosting in industry-standard platforms.”

Key Takeaways

Technology On Call not only found assistance for its migration needs with Hostway, but also a partner with which it can expand its own services. Berg noted that he has been pleasantly surprised by his experiences with Hostway, and will continue to expand his company’s relationship with Hostway in the future.

“Before Hostway, I would never have been able to do it on my own,” Berg said.

The Hostway Difference