By Melissa J Luther

A good search engine optimization (SEO) strategy involves more than just producing great content with the right keywords at the right density and in the right locations on a Web page. Yes, great content and relevant keywords form the backbone of a valuable, highly ranked site, but won’t do much to boost PageRank on their own. They are on-site factors, which, while important, have a lower weighting in search engine algorithms than do off-site factors, such as back links. (more…)

By Donna Gunter

Don't overlook your inbound linking strategy as you think about search engine optimization for your site. An inbound link is a hyperlink back to your site from another Web site. The one constant and reliable strategy in search engine optimization is that sites with a variety of high quality backlinks rank higher in the search engine results pages. (more…)

By Vilie Farah

While no one can agree on just how important PageRank is to your overall search engine rankings, it is pretty certain that the number is a good indicator of the quality of your Web site. If you're looking to increase your PageRank, there's nothing you can do to get inbound links besides ask other people, but you have complete control over your site's internal links. (more…)

By Ben Robinson

Link building is perhaps the most important activity you can do for the SEO success of your Web site. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most daunting tasks; it's often hard to even know where to begin. A great place to start is actually quite easy; all you need to do is set up social media profiles. In this post, I will outline a list of social media sites that can provide a great starting point for any link building campaign. I have focused on these sites particularly because they provide do-follow links, require very little effort (some social sites like require you to maintain a certain quality score for the links to be do-followed) and are completely under your control. (more…)

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