By Melissa Luther

Google Earth is a popular desktop application that allows users to see the Earth in amazing, 3D detail. Users can fly to their chosen location, then zoom, pan and tilt to view it from all angles. Now some of those same features are available in Maps, via Earth view. (more…)

By Simon Wright

Before launching new Web site content, it’s essential that rigorous testing takes place to confirm everything is working as expected. Catching faults and inconsistencies at this stage will ensure your consumers aren’t inconvenienced and your brand image isn’t damaged. (more…)

By Simon Wright

Whether you’re launching a brand new Web site or simply enhancing an existing one, it’s vital that your implementation runs smoothly. No business wants to implement changes only to find their site is littered with faults that will reflect badly upon their brand image and prevent sales. (more…)

By Buffy Cranford

Your Web site reflects your professionalism, determination and creativity. Before you begin cutting and pasting all of your business consulting information into a Web site, consider these guidelines for appearance and content. (more…)

By Joanna Fletcher

The Internet has flattened the ivory tower of the publishing industry. The business model has changed radically now that anyone can produce a book, magazine or newsletter electronically with a minimal investment in supporting technology. Few may have the marketing prowess of a publisher, but they can leverage an existing connection to their target audience. An existing online business or promotional activities such as teaching or speaking will usually be sufficient to publicize their work, and print-on-demand operations have made distribution issues moot. (more…)

By Monique Martin

Protecting your information on the Internet seems to be getting more difficult each day. You feel like you’ve been very careful about how and when you post something like your email address and yet, your inbox is full to the brim with spam. Can you really publish information on the Web and have it remain private? (more…)

By Janet Attard

Are you finally getting around to getting a Web site set up for your company? Or, are you ready to have your existing Web site redesigned because you're unhappy with the way it looks or performs?

If so, you'll want the new Web site to be successful. In fact, as more and more business and consumers research and make purchases online, a successful Web site is critical to the success of your business. So, what can you do to make the new Web site successful? And how can you build a successful Web site on a small business budget? (more…)

By Melissa J Luther

A Web site Terms of Use is a document detailing users’ rights and responsibilities when visiting your Web site, as well as your obligations towards users. The more information you collect and the greater interactivity you provide, the greater the responsibility for both sides. (more…)

By Melissa J Luther

A privacy policy shows your customers you care about protecting their information and inspires trust in your business. Even if the only information you collect is name and email address, having a posted privacy policy increases prospective customers’ confidence in doing business with you. (more…)

By Winmark Business Solutions

An implementation plan is an evolved content plan that includes the following: scope, time line and budget for your company's Web site development project. (more…)

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