May 13, 2009

Choosing an Operating System for Your Web Hosting Plan


Hostway Team

One common misconception about choosing a Web hosting operating system is that if you design your Web site on and generally use a Windows computer, you need a Windows Web hosting plan. While both your personal computer and a Web server have operating systems, they do not need to run the same system to work together.

In reality, your computer's operating system shouldn't affect your Web hosting server choice. You can design your Web site using Dreamweaver on a Microsoft Windows PC and upload it to a Linux server without any issues, for example.

We'll discuss the difference between Windows and Linux servers later. First, let's take a look at what an operating system is.

What Is an Operating System?

An operating system is a system software program that manages and distributes the server's resources. It prioritizes program and user requests and ensures that users' content on the server doesn't interfere with other users. Without an operating system, your server simply wouldn't work. It is the backbone that enables the server to run software and programs.

There are many different types of operating systems, but the two most popular for Web hosting plans are Windows or Linux. Which operating system best fits your needs is the first decision you must make when ordering Web hosting.

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