May 12, 2009



Hostway Team

If you want to maintain complete control and maintenance over your server but need the security and reliability of having it housed in a data center, colocation is a great option. You can find a number of Web hosting companies that rent racks, shelves or entire cages at a variety of prices. You simply need to determine what best suits your needs and which data center offers the type of security and accessibility that you’re most comfortable with.

It’s important to note that if you are housing your server in a Web host’s data center, you are renting the space, but server maintenance and support is generally not included with colocation services. You have to have a certain amount of technological skill and background to go this route.

Hostway offers colocation services that can grow with your business's changing needs. With flexible plans, Hostway's colocation hosting allows you to maintain total control over your server while offering the speed, reliability and security of a Tier-1 data center.

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