February 4, 2010

Demo Your Products Online


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By Lynn Jordan

One of the most effective techniques for promoting your product is to offer a product demo for your Web site. A demonstration explains your product much better than a sales letter. It shows your prospects what your product really does. Of course, that brings up the question of how to make a product demo for your Web site.

Tune in to Your Audience

With today's technology, you have many choices of how to make your demo. The kind of product you offer will also make a difference in the method you may want to use.

Consider your targeted audience as well when you decide on the technology you want to use. Attention spans have gotten shorter and therefore, a lot of folks seem to respond to video best. They watch television, videos on YouTube and other Web sites, and even on their smart phones.

However, some people still prefer to read their information. It's easy to print off the information and make notes on the pages. Deliver your message in a form most preferred by your prospects.

Video, Screen Capture, PDF

Video can be very effective, if your audience is accustomed to video. If your product is computer software, screen capture video is an excellent way to go. You don't have to worry about lighting or have your face on camera. You can also use video for a demonstration of a physical product.

If you don't want to do video or your prospects are resistant to video, you can do the demo with screen shots or digital still photographs. You can make a PDF for your audience to download or you can just have the pictures on your website with a text explanation of the benefits, features, and steps.

Whatever technology you decide to use, choose which features are most important to showcase. What will benefit your prospects the most? What problem does your product solve?

Break your demonstration into small, simple steps. Plan out the process and consider the important parts to demonstrate.

Show every step in the process. Include some text detailing the steps and highlighting the important points. Use annotation to point to pieces or features of the product. If you are using video, keep it to less than two minutes. If necessary, break the demonstration into several segments.

A demonstration shows your prospects your product in action. Showing is much more effective than simply telling in a sales letter. You are the one who knows your product best. You can best decide how to make a product demo for your Web site.

About the Author

After a long career as an Information Technology professional, Jordan left the corporate world to help individuals and small business use the Internet and technology to increase their business by building relationships with their prospects and customers.

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