September 11, 2014

Domain Authority Becoming Central to SEO Practices


Hostway Team

domainauthorityThis is the first blog of “Maximizing Your Domain Authority,” a series of three entries on an increasingly crucial element of search engine optimization.

Whether you’re a blogger just starting out or a veteran e-commerce site operator, SEO makes your world go ’round. Search engine optimization plays such a crucial role in online business that companies devote a significant portion of their marketing budget to get it right.

But Google’s recent “Penguin” and “Panda” algorithm updates have left many companies scrambling to adapt in an effort to restore the potency of their SEO strategies. Yet some tactics operate outside of the changing algorithms that allow for optimization of websites for Google search results. Most crucial is the ability to make yourself an authority within your industry.

When it comes to Google, it pays – really well too – to be an authority online. People turn to your website for reference and point friends and family in your direction, allowing you to attract high-paying advertisers – and potentially well-known guest bloggers who will come with their own traffic. This quality isn’t as easily undermined by Google changing their search engine’s algorithms.

This brings us to the concept of Domain Authority, an increasingly important component of SEO.

The domain authority (DA) algorithm analyzes websites and gives them DA scores out of 100. There are three components to this score: domain age, size and popularity. We’ll go deeper into these in the second entry in the series.

At its simplest level, domain authority gauges the value your site adds to the Internet. Having what you say matter constitutes being seen as an authority. Though this can be a struggle to achieve, the work that goes into domain authority is worthwhile in part because its stays with you for a long time. Once your website is seen as an authority – with a high DA score – any additions to your site get an immediate benefit of the doubt from your existing standing, and are regarded as quality material by Google. This lasting effect demonstrates the value of working to create a high DA score.

In the next entry in our Domain Authority series, we’ll address determining your DA score.

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