September 16, 2014

Determining Your Domain Authority Score


Hostway Team

domainauthorityThis is the second blog of “Maximizing Your Domain Authority,” a series of three entries on an increasingly crucial element of search engine optimization.

In our first entry in this Domain Authority series, we defined DA and discussed what kind of measures go into this calculation. There are three basic components:

  • Domain Age: The longer your website has been around, the more likely it is to have a higher score. Google feels that older domains are more trustworthy, while the newer ones still have a lot to prove.
  • Domain Size: The more pages you have indexed, the higher the DA score. More pages equal more high quality content for Google.
  • Domain Popularity: This takes into account the number of (quality) backlinks your website gets. If other (high DA) websites refer to your content, it must be of high quality.

Increasing your DA score becomes more difficult as your score rises – the road from 70 to 80 is longer than the road from 20 to 30. So getting near the top goes beyond simply creating an awesome website and writing great content.

So let’s set out to determine your current DA score. There are several applications that help you to check just that:

  • Mozbar: Installing this extension on your Firefox or Google Chrome browser will help you check the domain authority of any website you visit, as well as your own.
  • Small SEO Tool: This tool helps you check the DA of many domains at once. All you need is to type in the URLs and hit enter.
  • Open Site Explorer: Another useful tool to check DA is the Open Site Explorer. It allows you to check your score up to three times a day (unless you’re a pro member, in which case you can check as many times as you want).

Our third and final entry in this series will cover the concepts behind raising your DA score.

A techie by education and a digital marketing expert by profession with the heart of a writer, Sofia Brooks provides actionable insights and precise content in the field of technology, web hosting and internet marketing. Currently she works with IX Web Hosting, providing the best reviews on web designing, with an experience of 10 years into the same.

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