May 13, 2009

Find a Web Hosting Plan


Hostway Team

Choosing the right Web hosting plan can be a daunting task with an enormous number of products and features available. Deciphering specifications and making sense of the jargon is only the first step. Finding a company you trust is equally important.

This guide helps take the mystery out of Web hosting. Find out what to look for in a Web hosting plan and how to identify a Web hosting company that will be a reliable partner for your online success.

Types of Web Hosting

Take a tour of your Web hosting plan options. You'll discover the difference between dedicated and shared hosting and find out which type of hosting plan fits your online needs.

Web Hosting Features Explained

From Web space to technical support, you'll find out what the numbers mean and how to weigh the price of a Web hosting plan against the features included.

Reliability and Uptime

Learn the telltale signs of a trustworthy company and find out what the uptime numbers really mean as you choose the most reliable Web host.

Data Centers

A data center is the place where your Web site resides. Get answers to the important questions about a data center before choosing a Web host.

Cloud Computing

When applied to shared Web hosting, cloud computing creates plans that automatically scale up and down on demand to meet your needs. Learn more about cloud computing and how it can be used to create scalable, reliable Web hosting plans.

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