A Review by Hosting.Review

A Review on Hostway by Hosting.Review

Hostway claims to put its clients first. And they do manage to provide stable uptime and industry-specific features.

Here are the details.

1. Reliable 99.97% Uptime

Hostway claims to provide 100% uptime. After several months of testing, we finally found that it can provide a stable 99.97% uptime. This is obviously a great output – leaving only around 3 minutes weekly for maintenance or unexpected downtime.

The result is great. Especially knowing, that most of the providers guarantee only 99.9% uptime which can lead to 10 minutes of weekly downtime.

2. Industry-Specific Hosting and Compliances

Hostway is a leading PCI- and HIPAA-compliant service provider and it happens to have 20 years of experience for that. Moreover, it is fully equipped with the certifications and needed expertise in this sector. Hostway will also help you develop and run your solutions according to your compliance strategy.

Some of their Enterprise level solutions include:

Healthcare Solutions

These solutions are designed for healthcare providers or healthcare-related industries that collect and preserve the information of patients. For this, they provide HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant solutions that will provide the highest level of security to preserve this information.

Additionally, Hostway is HITRUST certified, so it is fully capable of handling this information.

PCI Compliance

Sometimes meeting with strict Payment Card Industry’s necessities might cause security loopholes without any trusted source. But not with Hostway. It provides PCI-compliant solutions to help you deal with credit/debit card information.

Moreover, these solutions are geared toward organizations that deal with these types of sensitive information and needs more security.

Mission-Critical Saas Apps

Want additional support in the development of SaaS Apps? Well, Hostway might have a powerful solution for you. Other than providing PCI and HIPPA compliance, they also provide solutions just for the development of SaaS Apps.

So when your project grows, you’ll have strong backing and tech architecture to host your own SaaS App.

3. 24/7 Customer Support

Hostway has all the essential customer support options – 24/7 live chat, email, and phone.

We contacted the support via live chat to get all the details about the Website Starter plan and easily got our answers.

Later, we needed to solve a technical issue. In order to create a database, we needed approval from Hostway. So we went to the live chat again and were connected to the tech support agent quickly.

She was able to solve our problem quickly and we had our database functioning soon after.

Our interactions went pretty smoothly. Best of all, support is available 24/7.

The Hostway Difference