May 14, 2009

Map Your Mobile Web Site


Hostway Team

Forget everything you know about your company, products or service for a moment and enter the mind of your customer. As you look at all of the data you need to fit on your .mobi Web site, think about how you can organize it so it makes sense to your viewer.


A simple, understandable architecture starts with general information and then gets specific. You must clearly label and limit the number of links you use.

The home page provides a top-level overview with links that lead to pages with more specific information. The second-level pages offer links to even more details and so on.

Draw a map of your Web site with each box representing a Web page. Draw lines from each page to the page that it links to. If you've done a good job organizing your information, this map will be simple and straightforward, not a tangled mess of lines.

Test Your Navigation

You'll need to find out how other people will find their way around your site. To do this, ask family members or friends to test your design. Give them a specific task, such as finding driving directions to your restaurant. Watch how they navigate and adjust your site map as necessary.

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