November 22, 2017

A Message of Thanks for Family, Friends, and Coworkers


Hostway Team


Hostway Team,
Good morning.
I am writing this message this morning to the broader Hostway family around the world knowing fair well, that other countries don’t celebrate Thanksgiving at this time. My universal message of genuine thanks and gratitude for all and each of you really transcends boundaries, and time zones.
I always love this time of year around Thanksgiving in the US. As we move into the holiday season, Thanksgiving is a holiday dedicated to gratitude, remembrance, and family. I hope we don’t lose track of that in the midst of the commercialization of these holidays. The holidays bring us a wonderful opportunity to look back at the year and give thanks and gratitude for all of the blessings given to us.
I wanted to share today all that I am thankful for, especially our Hostway team that is working tirelessly around the world to serve our customers, and advance the Hostway cause. Let us all be reminded that many of you are working on Thanksgiving day to cover shifts for your US counterparts, and many of our data center techs are working in the US data centers on Thanksgiving away from their families. For that, a huge thank you!
I realize many of you have worked tirelessly this year to bring Hostway, and our customers this far. I know it requires great personal sacrifice.  Understand this: None of this is possible without you. None of it is going unnoticed or unrecognized. Our most important resource is not technology, money, or assets. Hostway's most important resource is you. Thank you and your families for all your hard work, sacrifice and commitment.
Thanks to you, 2017 has been an exciting year so far. Indeed the business is stronger thanks to all of your hard work. We have accomplished a lot together in the past year. We have a clear company strategy, launched a new state of the art data center, we’re launching new services around AWS and VMWare, and we brought in thousands of customers to the Hostway family, etc. Again, we have experienced strong employee growth and every month I continue to see many new faces joining our team working alongside our dedicated Hostway veterans.
I am so very thankful we are all in this together. I am also very thankful for our awesome customers, old and new. We have to remember that nothing would be possible without them, and they are the reason we are here. They should always be our top focus.
The year has not been without struggles. No year is without them ever. However, we have to also look at both the struggles and the blessings together; that is how we are able to be better workers, co-workers, husbands, wives, parents, partners, and human beings that strive to make our distinct mark on this world.
I am very proud of each of you, I am thankful for our customers and their faith in us, and I am grateful for what you have accomplished in this last year and couldn’t be more excited for 2018. I want to take this opportunity to personally thank all the Hostway employees around the world for your dedication and continued commitment to outstanding customer service. I appreciate you for the time and energy you invest every day. If you are in the US, please enjoy your family and friends this Thanksgiving, and I equally thank you for all your hard work whether you are in Sofia, Vancouver, or the USA.
Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving,
Emil Sayegh| CEO and President

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