May 12, 2009

Name Your Web Site


Hostway Team

Visitors will type your domain name into a browser or click it on a search engine results page before you have a chance to wow them with your Web site. It's your first impression, so make it good. Your domain name should fit the style and tone of your Web site and clue visitors in to what they're about to see.

Your Internet Address

When someone types your domain name into a browser, the servers that their computers are hooked up to translate your name into a string of network digits called an IP address. A domain name is the text translation of this IP address, which is easier for people to remember than a string of numerical digits.

Domain names distinguish your company from the competition. Selecting a unique name enables you to successfully promote your brand online and avoid confusion with your competition. Your domain name is essentially your address on the Internet, so make it clear, concise and memorable.

How to Register

You can register a domain name through a registrar or directly through a Web hosting company. Even if you're not ready to launch your site, register the domain name that you think you'll need for the future before a similar business beats you to it.

It's also a good idea to register many similar domain names and set them as domain aliases for your Web site. With domain aliases in place, potential customers will be pointed to your main Web site whether they type or

The Best Domain Name

Typically, businesses use their company name as their domain name to make it easy for customers to remember. Sometimes, your product or brand name is more prominent than your business name so you’ll want to use the brand name instead. Or you could register all of them and have the different domains redirect to your Web site. This gives you maximum exposure and coverage, making it easy for your market to locate you online with the name they associate with your business.

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