February 19, 2015

New Version of HTTP Complete


Hostway Team

http_2As websites become increasingly complex, many site owners are constantly looking for ways to trim a few tenths of a second off their pages' load times.

For these people, a boost is coming from an unexpected source: the first update to HTTP since 1999.

The upcoming publication of HTTP/2 as the new protocol for browsers and other web services is expected to significantly reduce page load times across the Internet. HTTP/2 will also facilitate caching of more data, increasing speed to revisited sites.

Another upgrade in HTTP/2 involves multiplexing to allow multiple requests to be addressed simultaneously. In earlier HTTP versions, only one request could be outstanding on a connection at a time, meaning a stalled process could halt a loading page entirely.

HTTP/2 was based in part on the SPDY networking protocol spearheaded by Google.

To read more on the logic behind the changes made in HTTP/2 and the expected benefits, visit the project's FAQ page.

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