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6 Best Practices for Preventing a Security Breach

As severity of malicious activity increase – so does the risk that mission-critical data will be compromised. As a result, it is extremely important to mobilize forces into preventive measures – proactively avoiding attacks before they begin.

The Hybrid Cloud – Public and Private Clouds – Better Together

Growth in hybrid cloud adoption is a direct result of the variability in application design and hosting requirements. Hybrid cloud embraces the notion that there is no such thing as a one size fits all cloud, allowing IT organizations to select the best cloud environment for their unique needs.

Getting the Most Out of Your Infrastructure: Best Practices for Dev & Test Agility

By maintaining an agile infrastructure, implementing continuous testing practices, investing in an effective hybrid cloud platform and using the right DevOps toolsets, organizations can improve their software development practices and ensure that their dedicated testing infrastructure is working to their greatest advantage.

Cloud Hosting Benefits of Managed Support Services

Infrastructure alone doesn’t guarantee success in the cloud world. The cloud is a key ingredient of an effective IT strategy, but adding a managed service provider (MSP) is very powerful. Learn more about the benefits of combining the cloud and an MSP, like Hostway, today.

A Decade of Cloud

How did the cloud as we know it come to be and where is it going? To help answer these questions we’ll review a number of iterations the cloud has gone through over the last decade and provide some insight into where it’s headed in the next few years.

451 Report on Hostway Rolling Out Hybrid Cloud

Hostway rolling out hybrid cloud based on the full Windows Azure picture. The company’s rollout of Microsoft’s vision (and technology) for cloud is putting it in a position to manage customers’ requirements for hybrid cloud infrastructure projects.

Application and Ecommerce Monitoring

When it comes to your online business, uptime counts. Delivering elite levels of uptime and performance requires real-time monitoring of your servers and applications. Hostway delivers simple-to-use monitoring solutions with the insight you need to quickly identify problems.

Cloud Can Be Leveraged for Disaster Recovery

Cloud computing has changed the economics of disaster recovery and business continuity options. Accordingly, it is time many organizations revisit their strategies to ensure they are meeting business requirements. We have found it common for companies to have a mismatch between business continuity requirements and the strategies implemented for recovery/continuity.

How Compliance Impacts Backup Strategy

Organizations of all sizes and shapes must comply with government and industry regulations. Some regulations are limited to public companies, while others are relevant only to certain verticals. There are many regulations that cut across type, size, and industry in their impact. In addition to legally mandated requirements, many organizations voluntarily adopt quality and process standards like Six Sigma or ITIL, or establish performance guidelines that impact employees and/or customer agreements.

Managed Server Hosting: Build It or Buy It?

The question still reigns for most growing companies regarding the decision to build in-house infrastructure or utilize third party providers. Each side of the debate has pros and cons; in this paper, we outline the benefits of buying hosting infrastructure through a service provider, including scalability, cost, performance, security and service.

Adding Hosting to Boost Stickiness

In the current telecommunications and cable service marketplaces, competition is fierce. Customers have more than a few options at their fingertips for both telecom and cable services, making it essential to not only attract new clients, but also retain the ones the company already has.