May 14, 2009

Search Engine Advertising


Hostway Team

It's hardly an exaggeration to say that everyone uses search engines today. That's what makes search engine advertising a great way to connect with your target audience. Even better, you can target your ads based on keywords, and you only pay if a prospect clicks your ad.

What Is Search Engine Advertising?

You're looking for a cellular phone, so you type "cell phone" into a search engine and click the button. Across the top and down the side of the results page, you see "sponsored links" to Web sites selling cell phones and accessories.

Those sponsored links are pay per click advertisements. With 139 million people expected to shop online in the US, according to a May 2007 eMarketer study, and many more researching online before they buy, you can get your message in front of qualified prospects at a critical decision-making point.

Does It Work?

Unlike television, print and radio advertising, search engine advertising has the added advantage of easy tracking. Web analytic software can tell you exactly how many people clicked your ad, so you'll know if your ads are worth your investment. You may be able to test different versions of your ad depending on which search engine you use.

Getting Started

Follow these steps to get your search engine advertising program off the ground:

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