February 16, 2017

Security Is Only as Strong as Its Weakest Link


Hostway Team

By Peter Marsh, Senior Manager of Corporate IT and Security Services

Hostway provides great security for your off-premises computing and, for companies that require HIPAA compliance, we are an accredited service provider for handling electronic protected health information (ePHI).
Additionally, we will provide the assurance of a signed business associate agreement (BAA) validating our promise to appropriately safeguard ePHI.
Having said that, David Linthicum makes many good points in this InfoWorld article, starting with: “Security needs to be applied equally throughout all on-premises and cloud-based systems to become effective. Having secure clouds is not enough.”
He writes (and we agree), “Security needs to be overreaching and systemic to all platforms, both cloud and non-cloud.” Remember, as Linthicum says in his article, “You’re only as secure as your most poorly secured system. Otherwise, it’s like locking your front door but leaving the back door wide open.”
We’ve got your back, have a look here to see how Hostway can assist with HIPAA compliance and download our whitepaper on HIPAA-compliant hosting.

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