Hostway App Hosting Services – Managed and Secure

Choose Hostway for Standard and Custom Web Apps

Hostway delivers comprehensive application-level support for industry-leading applications like Magento and Office 365. You could also choose from our full range of reliable, flexible app hosting solutions for your custom web applications.

The Ideal Solution for Application Hosting

Flexible Platform

Whether optimizing for security, database performance or rapid scalability, we give you the flexibility to select the right tools. Check out example reference architectures as you consider your app hosting solution at Hostway.

Reliable Management

After helping design, build and deploy your application hosting solution, Hostway will handle the day-to-day operational tasks. You can focus on better ROI activities like application development.

Hostway Support Services
Expert Support

For 19 years, Hostway has helped organizations of all shapes and sizes with their application hosting needs. Our expertise in products like Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Magento means we’ll ensure your site is functioning at its peak.

Hostway Performance
Reliable Performance

Deliver ultra-fast app performance and reliability for mission-critical systems.

Configurable Platform

Supports a range of operating systems, frameworks, tools and databases.

Hostway Support Services
Above & Beyond Support

Broad array of Hostway Managed Support offerings across the entire hybrid cloud solution.

Hostway Landing Zones

Hostway’s hybrid cloud allows you to select the ideal environment for your unique application hosting needs.

Public Cloud

icon-cloud-wQuickly provision resources as load to your app ramps up, throttle back during quiet times, and only pay for what you use.

Managed Servers
& Virtualization

icon-servers-wRun the hypervisor of your choice in this highly customizable, single-tenant environment. Our Managed Servers are perfect for apps requiring predictable performance and billing.

Private Cloud

icon-filterHostway’s Virtual Private Cloud is powered by Microsoft Windows Azure Pack using dedicated compute clusters. You can easily spin up and down the resources supporting your app. Run web servers, app servers, and high performance databases in separate firewall groups.

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What Hostway Customers Say

Hostway’s wide selection of cloud hosting platforms, managed support offerings and transparent pricing has allowed me to quickly adapt my application hosting strategy to meet my customer’s needs.”

Architect the Right Solution for Your Application

Regardless of the size of your organization or complexity of your IT challenge, a Hostway engineer will work with you to understand your unique needs and help you design the perfect app hosting solution.

Since individual customer requirements can vary greatly, there is no “cookie cutter” solution for all applications. The following reference architectures provide a starting point as you begin to consider landing zone and configuration options for hosting your application.

Virtual Private Cloud Reference Architecture
Virtual Private Cloud Reference Architecture
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Hosted Virtualization Reference Architecture
Hosted Virtualization Reference Architecture
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Additional Application Hosting Services

Application Monitoring


When running a web application, uptime is critical. Hostway’s advanced monitoring solution delivers critical environment metrics through a fully customizable dashboard – allowing you to quickly identify issues, fix problems and keep your customers happy.

Managed Backup

icon-databases-wHostway’s managed backup solution delivers peace of mind. Our automated managed backup solution helps ensure your data is backed up on a regular basis – making dealing with unexpected issues easier and with less impact to your business.

Security Packages

icon-security-wBy partnering with BAE Systems, a leader in cyber security, Hostway is able to offer auditor-approved solutions – helping customers combat malicious intruders, or comply with industry standards (PCI and HIPAA Essentials).



Experience the Hostway Difference

The Hostway Difference