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Successfully migrating to the cloud can be confusing, complex, and labor-intensive, requiring specialized skills. Hostway’s IT assessment & cloud migration services are designed to address common challenges associated with adopting managed cloud hosting.

Build a Solid Foundation

If you don’t know where to start, what applications to migrate, or what cloud hosting platform will work best, Hostway can guide you to the ideal platform to serve your needs and fit your budget.

Save Time & Money

Lack of time to properly assess your current IT environment? Faced with constant pressure to do more with less? Hostway’s network engineers can review your configuration, document your migration, and offer an economical cloud migration solution.

Leverage Our Expertise

If your in-house team is inexperienced with cloud migrations, or needs to focus on other projects, our experienced cloud migration services team can help guide you through the process.

Proven Path to Success

Our two-step process is proven to help organizations assess their IT environment and then migrate to the best-fit cloud hosting platform.

Step 1: Make an Assessment

Inventory: Includes all visible data and web assets, apps, workloads, accounts, and services from the source environment.

Analysis: A systems migration engineer provides project insight and technical intelligence customized for the unique migration requirements.

Migration Plan: Includes identification of apps and workloads to be included in migration, refactoring needs, risk identification/mitigation, dependencies, project timeline, and estimated migration cost.

Step 2: Cloud Migration Plan

Prerequisite: Needs Assessment and Migration Plan completed.

Guaranteed Migration: Moving the source environment to the new managed cloud hosting environment.

Automated Migration Tools: Leveraged where possible to accelerate delivery and reduce costs.

Professional Services: Ensure uptime targets are met, and that migrated apps and workloads are extensively tested, secure, and fully functional in the target environment.

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