May 15, 2009

Split Testing


Hostway Team

When you launch a marketing campaign, you need to test your landing pages with customers. No matter how hard you try, you don't know how your customers will react to your pages without testing them. You're too close to your company and your products to see yourself through your customers’ eyes.

Preparing for the Test

The most inexpensive way to run your test is to use Google's free Web Site Optimizer tool. To begin your test, you'll need two different versions of your landing page and a conversion page (the page visitors go after they click the Buy Now or Learn More buttons). Make sure your alternate landing page contains elements that mark a completely different approach from your original page.

Next, you need to make a decision on what percentage of visitors you want to be part of the experiment. If your page is not a high traffic page, Google recommends placing 100% of your visitors in the experimental group for faster results.

The Results

Google's Web Site Optimizer will alternately present your visitors with each version of your landing page, and count the total number of impressions and conversions for each one. Then you can look at your data and run with the most effective landing page for your campaign.

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