May 12, 2009

Sponsored Top-Level Domains


Hostway Team

A sponsored top-level domain (TLD) carries certain restrictions that limit its use to a specific community of Internet users. If you serve one of these groups, using a sponsored TLD is a great way to show your affiliation and establish credibility with your audience. A sponsor manages each of the following TLDs and sets the policies governing who may register the names and how they are used.


People and companies related to the aviation industry can register a .aero domain name. Its sponsor, Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques, allows registrations by pilots, airports, freight and logistics companies and other members.


The Catalan language is spoken in Spain, France, Italy and other parts of Europe. The .cat TLD, sponsored by Fundació puntCat, was created for people and organizations who conduct business in the Catalan language.


A cooperative business is owned and democratically controlled by its customers (who are called members). Cooperative businesses are eligible to register domain names with the .coop extension, which is sponsored by Dot Cooperation LLC.


Hiring managers and human resource professionals can use the .jobs TLD to attract job seekers directly to their open positions. This TLD is sponsored by Employ Media LLC.


.Mobi is a unique TLD, different from all the others in that it relates to the format of the Web site rather than the content. Anyone may register a .mobi domain name, but they must build a Web site that meets DotMobi's guidelines for viewing on a mobile device.


Created to give museums their own space on the Internet, .museum is sponsored by the Museum Domain Management Association.


Licensed engineers, attorneys, doctors and other credentialed professionals may register a .pro domain name. RegistryPro is the sponsoring organization for this TLD.


Sponsored by the Tralliance Corporation, .travel serves individuals, associations and businesses in the travel and tourism industry.

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