April 8, 2020

6 Reasons You Need an SSL Certificate


Hostway Team

Does your website display as “Not Secure” within users’ address bars? If so, it’s likely your customers are turning away from your website in the masses before ever even engaging with your site.

In 2018, Google Chrome (the most popular web browser in the world) began flagging all websites without an SSL certificate as “Not Secure” in ominous red text, warning users to proceed with caution.

Since this change, users are avoiding sites without an SSL certificate like the plague, worried their data and information will be hacked.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate provides security for websites to handle sensitive information adequately. More importantly, it lets your customers or visitors know your website is secure.

Have you noticed the little lock on top of your browser, right next to the URL on your favorite website? That indicates a website with added SSL security –it’s as simple as that! 

Why do I need an SSL certificate?

Beyond the obvious reason - to get rid of the trust killing “Not Secure” mark – how much do you spend a year on anti-virus for your personal computer? Why do you need it?

It’s no different when it comes to the security of your website.

Imagine if all of your customers’ data was stolen. How badly would this impact your reputation and business? More importantly, how do you stop it from happening in the first place?

Your customers and visitors trust and depend on you to provide a secure platform for them to browse securely on. To sum it up, here are 6 benefits of SSL encryption:

  1. Customer Reassurance – Having an SSL certificate indicates that your website is a secure place to visit. Without the designation, your customers are likely to exit your website and seek out a competitor.
  2. Credit Card and Personal Information Security – An SSL certificate will help customers trust your website and make them feel comfortable submitting their personal billing information. As a bonus, adding an SSL certificate will take you one step closer to becoming PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant.
  3. Google mandatory requirement – Google has made SSL installation mandatory and flags websites without it. Think about how many users use Google on a daily basis, or how many users search Google every second (63,000!) - put simply, Google compliance is very important.
  4. Peace of Mind – It’s simply nice to know you’ve done everything you can to protect your site and have provided your customers with a safe browsing environment.
  5. SEO Ranking – Believe it or not, Google will rank your site over unsecured competition in search results.
  6. It’s Inexpensive – SSL certificates are typically not expensive and can be purchased from any third party provider with your web hosting service. Additionally, it’s able to seamlessly install on your website and renews every year. You can also purchase an SSL certificate directly from Hostway here: https://hostway.com/products-services-2/ssl-encryption/. Our helpful 24/7 technical support team will even help you install it!

Think about how safe you would feel browsing secured websites – it’s time your customers feel that too and that you show them you care.

Getting set up is as simple as following a few steps to complete the process. Feel free to request a consultation with one of our security specialists.

One last tip – It’s important to understand the difference between the varieties of SSL certificates available. Make sure they meet your unique needs and are aligned with your business profile. If you’re having trouble figuring this out, our Sales team will be more than happy to help you!

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