January 8, 2021

The Benefits of a WordPress Website


Hostway Team

The internet is a rapidly evolving place, where yesterday’s websites can quickly become yesterday’s news. Even the most dependable and trusted websites refresh their look from time to time, including major news publishers, e-commerce sites, and just about every industry in need of presenting a competitive, current message.

If you’re in a position where you have a website and it’s time for a refresh - or if you’re looking to make your first ever website – you’ve probably heard of WordPress.

Today, we’re going to detail why you should make WordPress your choice website platform.

While yes – popular platforms like Squarespace and Wix provide robust page building experiences, we’ll be detailing just how much of an advantage WordPress has over these services and why it’s considered the most flexible and powerful system on the web today.

WordPress is Powerful

Evolving from its roots as a blogging platform, WordPress has transformed over the years to an infinitely configurable Content Management System (CMS) that can deliver both a simple web page, or a feature-rich website.

Today, WordPress can handle e-commerce, invoicing, image and video galleries, online reservations, and more, through its vast network of APIs and connectivity, essentially serving as a portal for anything.

Many of the drag-and-drop platforms out there, like Squarespace and Wix, do not have the significant blogging capabilities WordPress offers.

Moreover, WordPress is based on open-source software driven by a collection of contributors and dedicated experts. Whatever your website needs, if it hasn’t already been created, rest assured someone in the community is already working on it.

The best part of choosing WordPress is that once you begin your site, you can update and enhance it exactly how you need over time, due to its limitless flexibility and standing as an industry standard.

WordPress is Easy and SEO Friendly

WordPress is built with simplicity in mind – meaning anyone can operate it behind the scenes.

In most cases, the look, feel, and functionality of a website is just a few plugins or configurations away, with behind-the-scenes maintenance tools that are easy and simple to configure.

Nobody wants things to be more complicated than they should be - WordPress was designed with that philosophy in mind.

WordPress is especially known for its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities. Essentially, SEO functionalities are baked into the platform - every time a post or page is made, valuable SEO tags and metadata is automatically generated, helping websites index in major search engines for key search terms.

A Time to Choose

We believe there’s no better choice in the industry today than a WordPress-based website.

If you’re interested in joining the WordPress wave, our professional WordPress website designers are waiting in the wings to create for you a modern, responsive, and professional WordPress website.

Learn more about our Website Design Services and how we can make your website vision into a reality.

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