Unsponsored Top-Level Domains

Hostway Tech Team - May 12, 2009

An unsponsored top-level domain (TLD) reaches out to a wide audience. Because they are among the most familiar TLDs, they can help increase your traffic as your visitors are more likely to remember them.

.Com, .Org and .Net

In January of 1985, there were only six domain names available, three of them fall into the unsponsored category: .com, .org and .net. While .com is by far the most famous, .org and .net are not far behind. Be careful when registering a .org domain name. It has come to symbolize nonprofit organizations for most people. If you choose this TLD for your ecommerce store, you might confuse your visitors.

.Biz, .Info and .Name

It didn’t take long for people to snap up the best names on the Internet. So the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) approved three new TLDs to serve as general alternatives to the most popular extensions.

.Biz can be registered by anyone, but fits particularly well with online businesses. .Info sends the message that the Web site will contain information, and .name is the perfect TLD for a personal Web site.

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