December 16, 2009

Use Trackback Links to Get Your Blog Noticed


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By Hostway

If you mention other blogs in your posts, you have a great opportunity to get noticed (and linked to) by the other blogger. All you have to do is include a trackback link to other blogs' posts in your post, and a notification will be sent to the writers showing your link. It's sure to get their attention and maybe move them to consider linking back to you in return.

What's a Trackback?

A trackback link is a way for two Web sites to communicate with each other. It's a URL containing a special code that sends a ping to the original content sources, alerting the writers to links to their blog from outside sites.

Where Can I Find a Trackback Link?

A trackback-enabled blog usually offers a trackback link or permalink at the end of its posts. To include a trackback link in your blog entry, just copy that link and paste it into your code where you'd like your link to appear. That's it.

Trackbacks and SEO

Given the affect inbound links have on SEO, most bloggers will be happy to see that you linked to their blog. Some even post links to sites that have linked to them to encourage interconnectedness and link sharing. And, your trackback may be their first exposure to your blog, offering them a new source of material and future linking opportunities.

Using and posting trackbacks also helps readers find more information by following links to other articles on the same topic, so it's a great way not only to drive more traffic to your site by improving your search engine placement, but to add value for your readers.

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