October 21, 2014

Why You May Need Web Application Monitoring


Hostway Team

webmonitoringThe elements that determine your website's performance may be more complicated than you're aware of. If you suffer from slowdowns, and there's no sign of server or network issues, where do you turn next? If your livelihood relies on your website's ability to drive traffic and bring in profits, the answer had better come fast.

So where are the delays coming from? Web application monitoring will put you in a much better position to figure it out. Web app monitoring allows you to preempt the chance of customer complaints and time-consuming manual troubleshooting by providing you complete visibility of the performance of your website, transactions, plugins and applications. Be the first to know (instead of your customers) if you have service interruptions with your websites, apps, or APIs.

Test your applications before the holiday season kicks off. Find problems before your users experience issues. Hostway partner Rigor’s expertise is in identifying causes of slowness and errors that aren’t at the server level, providing complete visibility into your website's performance.

Rigor is offering a 45 days free package that provides the following:

Competitive Benchmark Report: Ensure that you never lose a customer to a competitor based on performance. Compare the performance of your site to that of up to 20 competitors of your choosing. Report highlights overall performance and includes contributing performance KPIs.
5 Real Browser Monitors: Proactively monitor your key landing pages and conversion paths to make sure your visitors always have an optimal purchase experience. Rigor's Real Browser Checks will let you know when performance degrades or becomes unusable.
10 Uptime Checks: Be the first to know when your website goes down. Use Uptime Checks to constantly check the availability of your site and third-party services from all over the globe. Alerts are sent via email, phone, or text.

Right now, you may only be seeing a small part of the picture of your website's performance potential. Let Rigor and Hostway shine some light on why your website behaves as it does, and what your site can really do.

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