May 15, 2009

Web Page Optimization


Hostway Team

Web page optimization is a multi-part strategy you can use to increase your Web site’s search engine ranking as much as possible. Based on the theory that people tend to click on links within the first few pages of search engine results, increasing your search engine rank can also increase your Web site traffic and possibly increase your sales. Click the links below to learn some simple ways you can help your Web site rank higher with the top search engines.

Meta tags

Good meta tags tell a search engine exactly what your Web site is about. You can also use meta tags to give your Web site a little boost in the search engine results.

Search-Engine Friendly Content

Potential customers, clients and members may never discover your Web site if they can’t find it on popular search engines. The best way to achieve visibility is to develop search-engine friendly content.

Linking Strategy

Most search engines factor the number of external links to your Web site to determine your ranking. You’re missing out on one of the best ways to bring traffic to your Web site if you don’t have a good linking strategy.


Don’t get buried beneath your competition in Google’s search results pages. You’ll make a Web site that’s rich in content and useful to your visitors if you learn how to optimize it for Google.

Yahoo Search

Yahoo Search is one of the biggest search engines. Follow these simple tips to draw attention to your Web site on the Yahoo results page.

MSN Search

MSN is the default homepage for everyone using the Internet Explorer browser. Imagine how many people use the search feature every day! An effective SEO strategy should take MSN’s search results into consideration.

Web Directories

A Web directory is similar to a telephone directory: it categorizes Web sites and links to them. Because search engines give you points for quality links coming into your Web site, you can increase your rankings by submitting your site to Web directories.

SEO Checklist

Search engine optimization isn’t only about keywords--many factors determine your search engine ranking. Use this helpful checklist to keep track of your search engine optimization efforts.

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