May 5, 2017

World Password Day: It's Time to #LayerUp


Hostway Team

If you had to enter every single password for every single online site you accessed each day, you'd be a little more than overwhelmed. So what do you do? You pick a password you can easily remember. It probably involves your birthday, your first pet's name, your lucky number, etc... And then you hit that remember password button on every site you can find.

But in this day and age of cyber criminal activity, we owe it to ourselves to do a whole lot better than that.

According to the World Password Day website, "Identity theft is one of the world’s fastest growing crimes, but adding strong authentication to your password can prevent it. Whether you’re protecting your bank account, your email, or your social media, put the brakes on ID theft by layering up!"

How can you better control your passwords, especially in relation to your eCommerce platforms? Because as you know, if you’ve got a weak password, you're not only putting yourself at risk, you're putting your customers’ data at risk, too, and destroying their trust in you in the process.

Check out tips for password security in the video below, or learn more about how a full risk assessment can help pinpoint potential security risks.








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