May 14, 2009

Write an Effective Email Advertisement


Hostway Team

You only have a few seconds to convince your prospects to open your email message and act on your offer. You have to make every word count.

"From" Line

One of the only things people will see in the inbox, this establishes trust and credibility.

  • Use the name of a person within your organization
  • Use the name of your company

Subject Line

Again, this is a critical part of viewers' decision to open your message.

  • Increase the open rate by using the company or brand name in the subject line
  • Avoid the word "free" and using all uppercase letters
  • Write a line that entices the reader and sparks interest


Studies show that people only glance at email messages — they don't read every word.

  • Make your main point quickly and keep it high on the page
  • Balance your graphics and text
  • Front-load text with the most important words
  • Break up the text into bite-sized chunks
  • Link to your Web site for people who need more information
  • Include a text-link call to action on the page

Source: Silverpop's 2006 "Email Creative that Works" study.

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