Adding Syndicated Content to Your Web Site

Hostway Tech Team - June 17, 2009

By Hostway

While most people can easily write a few sentences, not many of us can design a Web site. So, you may focus on getting your site designed pre-launch but then be at a loss for words post-launch.

Syndicated content can help fill your pages with information-rich content that adds value for your readers and boosts the quality of your Web site on search engines.

Placing syndicated content on your Web site can help you:

How It Works

You have two options for managing syndicated content on your Web site.

First, you could place code on your site that allows content producers to automatically push their content to your site via a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed. This is a low maintenance option. If you select a reputable content provider and make sure your feed focuses on the right keywords, this can be a very easy way to supplement your own Web content.

A second option is to select content from a third party yourself and post it on your Web site. While most content sources will not allow you to edit their articles, you have control over which articles you run and when you post them.

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