By Meredith Barnhill

One of the first and most ubiquitous marketing affiliate programs was developed by (more…)

By Meredith Barnhill

You've set up your affiliate program and have a good foundation of affiliates, but how do you ensure that they sell your products? (more…)

By Meredith Barnhill

Affiliate marketing—when independent bloggers or companies get compensated for endorsing products or services by another company— (more…)

By Jen Brister

If you have a small business Web site, you already know that promoting your Web site will be a major part of your online success. If you have no traffic, you can have no sales. One way that some businesses are getting more traffic to their Web sites is to include their discounts and promotions on freebie and coupon sites. (more…)

By Ronda Suder

Affiliate programs can give your business an added sales boost, or they can be a great way to start a new business. Whether you're new or established, here are some basic steps to effectively selling your products through an affiliate program. (more…)

With an affiliate program, you pay other Web sites to drive sales on your Web site. The affiliate places a link to your Web site on its site. You can pay affiliates per click or per sale, depending on your goals and the deal you work out with affiliates. (more…)

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